Oberwolfach (Clara)

Every micro mineral collector knows about the Grube Clara, Oberwolfach. These days it looks almost like a playground, but still nice minerals can be found… So I went there a few times during a short break travelling back home from the alpes. There is a huge amount of minerals to be found, so my collection is still very small. The area is nice for a holiday.

The nicest mineral I found is very nice due to its name: Bariopharmacosiderite! How many points will that be at Scrabble!

After paying a small entrance fee it is allowed to take a few kilo back home. Every now and then a bigger part of the ‘Halde’ is open for public, but in essence that part has the same origin. In the summer, to prevent wind to cause sand storms, they spray the Halde every period and with it you as a collector as well. Very welcome in the hot sun!