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Micro minerals are great. There is an endless variety of colors, shapes and combinations and they can be found at great natural and even industrial locations. They are the physical proof of the greatness of our world, of the complex processes that create beautiful forms and ultimately it shows the greatness of our Creator.

On this site you may find photos of my mineral collection. In general the minerals are found by myself. Most of the fields of view are just a few milimeter. And, far beond the beauty of these stones, this site also contains the detailed description of the greatest discovery I have ever done: the Lapis Philosophorum! Just scroll to the proper part in the menu.

The setup of this website is very simple. Just choose a locality and have a look at the minerals. Or scroll through the manuscript. Please note it is written in Dutch, so sometimes the translation might be faulty.

Note that entering a mineral site in many cases is not allowed without persmission. The photos and reports are no invite to visit the locations without permission. And most important, Always take care of safety, make sure you are fit and have proper gear, and do not go on your own.








About the manustript:

Augustine, one of the most important church fathers of early Christianity, has given an important guidance that I have taken to heart: “Apply Hebrew and Greek knowledge to understand the imagery, and delve into geography and music, and history. Immerse yourself in the science of numbers. Also read the writings of other ancient writers. Remember that the Scripture has more than one explanation. Explain dark parts with parts that are clear. The spirit and meaning of the interpreter is more important than the verbal meaning and critical acumen. If a misinterpretation intends to build love, the interpreter will make the same mistake as a man who gets off the road and still gets to his destination across the field. “