Micro minerals are great. There is an endless variety of colors, shapes and combinations and they can be found at great natural and even industrial locations. They are the physical proof of the greatness of our world, the processes that create complex and beautiful forms and of its Creator. 

On this site you may find a selection of photos of my mineral collection. Most of them have a field of view of 5mm and sometimes upto 8 mm, and few are just 2 mm. The larger specimen (cabinet size) will follow later. For all specimen you are invited to point out errors in determination. Quite a few are Raman or even EDX tested, many are an educated guess using literature or using simple tests with UV and Acid, others were identified by experts but several are a wild guess. Do check out the section with minerals from the Netherlands!  And, far beond the beauty of these stones, this site also points out the detailed description of the greatest discovery I have ever done: the Lapis Philosophorum!

The setup of this site is very simple. Just choose a locality and have a look at the minerals. Usually for each country some site photos are included. If you want to see details, select the option to see the full original photo. This is still of lower quality than the original, to limit the storage size and to increase speed. Or click on the Enneastone symbol and have a look at the blog.

Always make sure that you have permission to enter the localities, and work safely. The information on this blog is not intended to invite you to do crazy or illegal activities.  Photos of mineral hunting at locations that are probited do not refer to or invite for illegal entry nor to activity without permission. In many cases exceptions can be arranged with owners or relevant authority. Contact me when you have questions!