Weardale (Rogerley)

There are a few famous mines in the Waerdale. One still active and operated only for aesthetic Fluorite is the Rogerley Mine. I visited the Rogerley Mine and surroundings years ago on good luck and in those days the mine changed in ownership, giving a unique opportunity for me and my family to have some nice chats with a miner and to even search the dumps with permission. This currently is not allowed, I know from experience. One can understand as they need to earn their money with selling, and not by giving them away, even when it is only dump material. So it was a one time only event.

Fluorite from Weardale sometimes has interesting properties. On the left the specimen show their color in normal artificial light (normal light bulb), and on the right an UV lamp is used. The huge response is even visible in normal daylight. The size of the minerals we managed to take home is quite large, so we were very greatful.